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Fannie Koa, Lic.Ac, DiplOM, MAOM is a nationally certified acupuncturist and herbalist who practices at Davis Square Healing Arts, a community of independent health practitioners who share a space in Somerville’s bustling Davis Square.

Fannie specializes in the areas of acute and chronic myofascial pain conditions and women’s health (including fertility). She has a strong interest in food cures and the topical use of Chinese herbs, which is evident in the prominent role of nutrition counseling in her practice and the creation of her own line of tendon and trauma liniments.

Among the services offered are Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Reiki, and Trigger Point Therapy.

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18 reviews
  • Mel C·

    Fannie is a highly skilled acupuncturist. She has a caring bedside manner and is particularly good at addressing orthopedic issues through trigger point needling. She also supports the rest of the system holistically and has helped me with stress management, digestive issues, regulating my menstrual cycle, allergies and more!

  • Maryann Turner·

    Fannie creates a serene and safe environment for clients. I definitely feel very relaxed at the end of an acupuncture session!

  • Elaine·

    When I complained to Fannie that menopause symptoms had hit me with a bang, she assured me she could help with that. She told me it would start working in about 2 days. Sure enough, within 2 days of t treatment I went from waking 3-4 times per night with hot flashes to sleeping like a baby, from hot flashes every 20 minutes in the evening to feeling normal again. Incredible!

  • Noah Luther·

    Fannie has helped me with sports injuries, tension headaches, and most recently an ongoing upper respiratory and sinus problem. She’s both a thoughtful and skilled practitioner and also a genuine and lovely person. I highly recommend you give her a visit!

  • Peggie·

    As always Fannie is remarkable, when arriving I relayed to Fannie an issue I was experiencing at my ankle and foot. Well when leaving my ankle was noticeably much less swollen and is now almost totally back to normal with no more pain while walking.
    As always thanks Fannie you’ve done it again. ☮️

  • Terri·

    Such a wonderful experience every step of the way. I left feeling world’s more relaxed and restored. Perfect!

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